2. Methods

Topic: An Investigation as to how to reduce food wastage amongst SST students.

Target audience: SST students or adults that eat at the hawker centre frequently.

Survey questions (10 SST students)
(Circle whichever options you deem correct)

Q: What secondary level are you from?

  1. Secondary 1
  2. Secondary 2
  3. Secondary 3
  4. Secondary 4
  5. (Preferably completely anonymous)

Q: What are your opinions on the food wastage in the school?


Q: Do you think that people in the school waste too much food?(If yes, please continue, if not, thank you for doing the survey.) 

Yes / No

Q: Are these people anybody you know?

Yes / No

Q: How will food wastage affect us? Why do you think it will affect us in that way?

A) Positively.
B) Negatively.


Q: Do you think it will affect the rest of the people or students? Why or why not?

Yes, If Why/ No, Why Not?  ___________________________________________________

Q: Are there any suggestions you could give as to solve this problem?


Interview questions (3 Food Vendor)

Q: How do you feel when you see food wasted during collection for dish?

Q: Do you do anything to stop the students from wasting food?

Q: Is there anything you would like to do the stop the food wastage?

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