Inter-disciplinary Research Studies

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Group Members
Group Leader: Lok Yang Teng
Likes: Running, Badminton
Dislikes: Swimming, Cycling
Hobbies: Photography

Communications Manager: (Crane) Lim Yu Xuan
Likes: Eating, Playing, Chatting, Watching dramas, Sports, Dancing, Sleeping and Singing
Dislikes: Life.
Hobbies: Watching dramas.

Multimedia Manager: Mah Teng Chong, Kenneth
Likes: Having fun, taking pictures, doing solo work.
Dislikes: Large group works (eg. Half a class), violence.
Hobbies: Nerf, gaming and watching anime or others game.

I hope to have lots of fun in IRS!

Research Manager: Kor Kin Peng, Jeron
Likes: Sports (eg. Badminton and swimming), playing computer games, drinking Dasani.
Dislikes: Cabbages, creepy crawlies.
Hobbies: Playing badminton.

I LOVE giant containers with giant canopies and IRS.

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